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profesisonal carpet cleanersUnsurprisingly, washing the carpet is one of the most intimidating cleaning chores. For this reason, numerous homeowners postpone it again and again. However, filthy carpets are magnets for dust mites and different types of bacteria. If you don’t possess the necessary skills to maintain your floor coverings, have a look at our professional carpet cleaning.

Our company was established several years ago in Soho. With hard work and core commitment, we have managed to win the trust of hundreds of people already. Today, we offer you a team of dedicated cleaning experts and innovative carpet cleaning solutions.

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Carpet Cleaning in SohoPrices
Hallway carpet£10
Bedroom carpet£20
Living room carpet£25
Minimum call out charge £35.
All our representatives are supplied with high-powered cleaning equipment, which enables them to work in an environmentally-friendly and effective manner. During the cleaning session, the floor covering will be hoovered and after that cleaned deeply by the method of hot water extraction.

Rest assured that all hidden pollutants will be eliminated completely. This manner of working doesn’t involve any toxic cleaning materials and leaves the carpet almost dry. When our technician is in your home, you can be confident that the job will be implemented precisely up to the smallest detail. You can book appointments with us in Soho as often as you wish.

Carpets come in a wide range of designs, colors and styles. With all these features, they make a home beautiful and more comfortable. However, proper cleaning of carpets is essential if you want your carpets to maintain their original look for a long time.

Remember, carpets are subject to daily wear and tear elements including water spills, dust and dirt among other elements that can easily damage the carpets. Therefore, regular carpet cleaning on every six months is important in order to prolong the life of your carpets and keep them nice looking.

We are a professional cleaning company specilised in carpet cleaning services. Our team is highly specialised in carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions and we have one of the most advanced tools in the industry in order to deliver safe and efficient cleaning. Depending on the type of your carpet, we chose the right cleaning method to get rid of bacteria, fungi, dirt and dust in carpet fiber.

A proper carpet maintenance requires much more than a regular thorough hoovering. The microscopic pollutants can be eliminated sufficiently only by the means of specialised cleaning equipment. If you want to learn more about the available carpet cleaning solutions in Soho, our responsive office assistants will further assist you with pleasure.

Our company was established a couple of years ago and ever since we have been working hard to earn the trust of our valued customers. For this reason, we collaborate only with hard-working and reliable cleaners. Once in our team, all of them undergo a professional training. Our operatives are currently available in the entire neighbourhood 7 days per week.

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With us you are guaranteed to receive a cleaning solution that suits your preferences completely. Rest assured that your carpet will be washed entirely in a safe and efficient manner. The method of hot water extraction removes all grime, dust and bacteria. Plus, it leaves the floor covering almost dry.

If you are living in Soho, don’t miss to try our professional carpet cleaning services. What we have for you is individual attention, working schedule in compliance with your availability and budget-friendly prices. Give us a call and we will send you your trusted carpet cleaner.

Moreover, our cleaning machines will leave your carpet sparkling clean, fresh and free of bacteria. Our team is highly competent and ready to perform professional carpet cleaning in your home.

For a sparkling clean carpet we

1. Pre-vacuum the carpet
2. Treat stains using safe and efficient cleansing products
3. Spray the carpet with a natural shampoo to break down dirt
4. Shampoo and wash carpet fibers-through a gentle massage
5. Extract moisture
6. Application of deodorizer
7. Then we finally groom the carpet to provide a new appearance

We clean carpets in a way that stubborn stains, spots, bacteria, allergens and dust will be completely eliminated for a fresh and clean carpet. Most importantly, we make certain that our detergents are eco-friendly and safe. Additionally, we ensure your carpet is in perfect shape after cleaning it.

In most cases, it take about two to six hours to clean and dry a carpet completely. This way, our clients don’t have to wait for days before they can experience comfort and enjoy enhanced beauty in their homes after carpet cleaning. We are efficient and a reliable company with the best experience in carpet cleaning.

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